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Grow your business by Maximizing your online presence through extending you digital footprint with a revenue producing website, engaged social following and a proven search engine strategy so new customers can find you. Over the last 2 decades I have assembled a set of proven and easy to use tools that are cuttting edge, 100% customizable and cost effective.
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Making iT Painless

Websites, Social Media, Online Marketing, Wifi, Search Engine Optimization, Click Funnels, Anti-Virus, eMail, Domain Registration, Cloud Storage, Windows Updates, I get it! You didn't start your business so you could be a technology expert. With me as a partner you don't have to be. Let me take care of IT.
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Getting iT Done

Remove inefficiencies and supercharge your businesses productivity. Be the best business you can be with a High Performance Workforce. I will train you and your staff to master leading edge business tools and bring my years experience building highly focused teams that can target high value tasks, properly prioritize and improve your bottomline and margins.


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My Promise

My promise is to treat your business like my own and understand that your hard work and reputation is something you do not take lightly.  I spend a large part of my time keeping up with whats new and testing to see if it really works so you don’t have to. When you are my client I will always be thinking about how to make your company better and constantly working to make sure we are ready for anything.   I encourage all my clients to reach out whenever they have a question or just want to brainstorm. Talking business is what I love to do.  So just call me.


10 Tips for making IT Painless

As an executive and industry leader in IT and software development I worked with 100’s of companies, 1000’s of users, built some incredible teams and led many multi-million dollar projects helping businesses succeed across the country.  After 20+ years I bring my unique expertise to small business owners as consultant specializing in business development and technology. 


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What makes IT Happen?

Your IT guy should understand your business MOVE! Back in the 1990s when I was a wet behind the ears help desk tech working for the …