Why hire a Small Business IT Consultant?

There are many reasons to hire a small business IT consultant.  But one of the main reasons behind hiring a small business IT consultant is they are unbiased and do not have a vested interest in anything about your business other than improving it and removing your pain-points. Their approach is fresh and will most always bring a new perspective. 

Moreover, Small Business IT Consultants are eye openers and Technical Consultants not only help clients become aware of solutions they may not even know exist but will leverage their years of professional connections with vendors and experts that most small businesses do not have.

With a mindset of constant improvement they can look at your business end to end and find ways to work smarter not harder.  This cannot be more prevalent in the technical space because these days how you use technology IS how you do business.    

How a small business IT consultant can help

  • IT Consultants are outside looking in and will see things that are hard to see from the inside.
  • IT Consultants bring the experience of all their clients. They know what works and what doesn’t.
  • IT Consultants are high preforming professionals way above regular employees. 
  • IT Consultants are used to working across many functional areas and understand the big picture.
  • Being able to pick up the phone and talk to an executive level expert is a game changer. 
  • Having an experienced resource with flexibility to be available as little or as much as you need is invaluable.
  • It is common for friends and family to be involved in a small business.  This creates an emotional cost to most decisions.  A consultant might be the fastest and most effective way to implement change.


gordon lear

My promise is to treat your business like my own and understand that your hard work and reputation is something you do not take lightly. I spend a large part of my time keeping up with what’s new and testing to see if it really works so you don’t have to. When you are my client I will always be thinking about how to make your company better and constantly working to make sure we are ready for anything. I encourage all my clients to reach out whenever they have a question or just want to brainstorm. Talking business is what I love to do. I am always available to talk.

He is relentless and highly capable

Gordon is conscientious, diligent, and does a great job of keeping up with the latest tools and developments in the IT field. He is relentless and highly capable when it comes to overcoming challenges or simply keeping his team moving in the right direction.

Mike R
President, Manufacturing

Super Character

Super character and extremely brilliant and outside-the-box thinker.

Joe C
President, Real Estate Group

Gordon is Extremely Hard Working

Gordon is extremely hard working and very diligent. He understands the nuances of being an IT manager and the cross departmental role it plays within an organization. I would recommend him highly for an IT position within any organization and it would be an honor to work with him again.

Hamid Q
VP Sales, Data Solutions

Very Easy to Work With

Very easy to work with and was able to help collaborate with me and problem solve. So much knowledge and extremely professional.

Thomas C
President, Corporate Media

Strategic Development and Organizational Focus

Many businesses waste effort on low level tasks with little to no return. Most are missing a solid roadmap defining the direction the company should be going. I will help you clearly define your company's objectives and show you how to communicate the proper level of transparency across your entire business. Then by measuring what matters you will know how all the moving parts are working together creating a high preforming team that is always pulling the rope in the same direction.

Management Training and Executive Coaching

I have learned it can get lonely at the top. Long hours, relentless responsibilities and the weight of an entire company on your shoulders can be overwhelming. How nice would it be to have someone at your fingertips that you can count on to give you unbiased agenda free input on whatever challenge is keeping you up at night? Let me be that professional confidant you trust that will tell you not just what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

Staff Right Sizing and Reorganization

When a young company is growing, drinking from a fire hose is common so throwing bodies at situations has always been the quick fix. This eventually will lead to bloat that gets in your way to the next level. This is hard to see from the inside because you have been in the trenches from day one and its difficult to see things any other way. Let me come in and find skills and talents you never knew they had. Let us get your best in the most critical places and make everyone else around them stronger. We will make the great superstars, the good great, fix the underachievers and remove any hindrance. Lets make your staff a lean mean business machine!

Software Development Management

Do you have a team that is always running behind? Or maybe your products suffer from quality issues? Does your team's output match their costs? Do you constantly get surprised by issues that affect time to market, cash flow or customer retention? Is your team stale, lack innovation or energy? If you are building software products there is a good chance your R&D payroll is your company's largest liability so it is imperative they bring their A game everyday. I have successfully dealt with theses challenges more than once. With a fresh pair of eyes, I can recharge your team and make them your company's biggest asset by delivering high quality, market relevant, revenue generating, releases on-time every-time.

Migrations and Implementations

Is your IT Team about to do something they have never done? Are you thinking about switching email systems, web hosting or buying all new equipment? Do you need extra oversight on the technical aspects of your company? My decades as a technical expert deploying solutions around the world to thousands of users, customers and strategic partners will help you avoid costly mistakes that will effect not only your bottom-line but your reputation. I will make sure things are done once and done right saving you money and headache.

Special Projects

Have you always wanted to do something but never had the time? Regardless of what it is I can help. Don't put it off any longer. Lets work together and put that good idea to work! From new product development to vertical markets and traditional business development I can help.