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Putting IT all together – IT Consultant

With the entire would walking around with the internet in their front pocket keeping ahead of things and making IT part of you business strategy is the key to long-term success. Engaging with your customers has never been easier but it can quickly get away from your and become overwhelming. Many times it becomes a distraction. An IT consultant can fix this. Let me be your Technology Expert.

When I say “IT” I mean Information Technology

Unless your company is in software or hardware, you did not start your business to become a technology expert.  You have a different set of skills that drives the success of your company.  So, it only makes sense to maximize your time in high valued revenue producing tasks and let someone else be the technology expert.  All businesses can take advantage of solid IT Consulting.

With that said, many business owners still try to do it all and as the company grows…the pain really starts to become harmful.  By the time owners realize or are willing to admit they might be out of their league the company is heading in the wrong direction.  

Because of this, most of the phone calls I get from new clients are businesses that are at their wits end.  They just want the pain to stop and are willing to bring in a technology expert at any cost.  Fortunately you found me, and executive level IT consultant. I am more than happy to get you back on track with fair, ethical and non-predatory fees. 

Experts Don’t use a backhoe to dig a 3ft hole

Many times, this results in an expensive and time-consuming endeavor with an IT company full of network administrators and computer engineers with system and security driven strategies.  To most, this makes perfect sense because it fits the stereotype of the IT Guy.  But I can tell you from two decades of experience you are wasting a lot of money on things you don’t need if you go this route.  Don’t get me wrong, I take security seriously and can do everything you will need as it relates to security, but I don’t take your money to prevent attacks or situations that are probably never going to happen.  As and expert IT Consultant I focus on things that I know ARE going to happen, and use the extra budget to keep costs down or increase revenue.

Invest in your Future, Hire an IT Consultant

The biggest difference between me and any one else you could hire is that I have gone through the evolution from Network Engineer to Software Programmer to Data Analyst to Business Analyst to Executive Level Management. I have been an expert as every type of IT guy you could possibly hire making me the complete IT Consultant.

More importantly, everything I do is based around how it effects the margin and my strategy with technology is about your business. I analyze your business.  I do not have tech blinders on and can see past configuration files and crazy password rules. 

Its all about making it painless for you and your team. My focus is always about decreasing costs and increasing revenues by making your employees more productive and improving efficiencies. 

I bring years of IT consulting experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. I am certain to bring new ideas to the table some of which you didn’t know existed or realized they were feasible for a company of your size.

Ask yourself

  • Do you want to spend more of your time focused on what you do best?
  • Do you want to make sure everything your company does is 100% focused on making more money or cutting costs?
  • Do you want to have a high performing workforce?
  • Do you want to have an easy to manage but extremely effective online presence?
  • Do you just want everything to work and get rid of the headaches?
  • Do you want to make it painless?

How IT Happens

  1. Discovery (FREE)
  2. Recommend (FREE)
  3. Map
  4. Execute

Phase One: Discovery (FREE)

First part of the IT Consult is the discovery phase. A quick call to explore how I might be able to help your company. We both want to make sure the fit is there, and I find the best ice breaker is a simple call where we can do a quick Q&A to feel each other out.

If we decided to move forward, the next step of the discovery phase is a FREE zero obligation workshop where I come into your business for a day and learn everything I can through a tried and true discovery process.

Phase Two: Recommendations (FREE)

I present a high-level list of recommendations. Not on just what should be done, but how it can be done and how it should be done and what it would cost to get done. My recommendations include more than one solution to the issue(s) and I am not there giving you a hard sell.  As your IT Consultant I am there giving you recommendations on how to improve your business.  As a matter of fact, because of the zero obligation, you can take my list of recommendations and go off and do them yourself.   You are 100% in the driver’s seat when it comes to budget, effort and timing.  I am there to consult.  All the decisions are yours and we only implement what you are comfortable executing.

Phase Three: Road Map

Once we have reviewed the recommendations, things become billable. The third and most often the most valuable phase is road mapping. The road map is a living set of documents that lays out the what, when and how of everything gets done and is the most valuable resource that comes out of my IT Consulting.  This map runs parallel with your business plan and identifies all the milestones we must meet to reach your goals. The idea here is we hit everything on the road map, you will reach all your goals.  Like your business, this document evolves over time and is designed to adjust to shifts in the market and business strategy.

Phase Four: Execution 

This is where all the planning comes together and you get your return on investment.  The process is completely transparent and broken down into small tasks that follow a workflow of “Do”, “Doing”, and “Done”.  You know exactly where we are in the project on any given day. Again, no surprises on where we are or when things are getting delivered.

This process I have perfect through delivering simple two week projects to extremely complex multi-million-dollar projects that run for months. It is extremely flexible and the learning curve is short and painless. Often more times than not the companies I work with continue to use on other projects well after my work is done.  I take IT Consulting seriously and your company will be in good hands.

So do you want to Make IT Painless?

Next Steps

Let me come in and spend a day with you and your team. Lets see where we can make some improvements and take your company to a new level. There is zero obligation. I charge nothing for the day.

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